Thursday, 3 September 2015

Which God? - Sunday 23rd August 2015

Which God do you believe in?
The easy answer is to say there is only one God. It wasn’t so simple in the days of the Bible. Then people believed there were lots of gods. The ancient Jews called their God Yahweh, and introduced the idea that Yahweh was the only real god, the creator of everything. (Wherever your English Old Testament says "the LORD”, the Jewish Scriptures have God’s name, Yahweh.)
But what is this one and only God (Yahweh) like?
The I.S. extremists also believe in only one God - the god of Adam, Abraham, David and Jesus, as we do - but their understanding of God is very different from ours. As we see on the news, if our understanding of God doesn’t match what God is really like, we can get into all sorts of trouble.
So, how does your own understanding of God match up with the real creator? Most of us carry round a muddled cocktail of traditional misunderstandings and personal fears & fantasies, mixed in with the universal reality God.
In Christianity we have a clear reference point against which we can check our personal version of God. Jesus. Jesus is God expressed in human terms.
Check your personal understanding of God against the life and message of Jesus. Where it doesn’t clearly match, you need to rethink.

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