Thursday, 3 September 2015

A subtle God - Sunday 9th August 2015

There are various things around us that we cannot see or touch or smell or hear, but which are undoubtedly real, and which play an important part in our lives. Electricity and radio waves are two examples. Gravity is another. God seems to work in our lives in a similar way: we can’t see God with our eyes, hear God with our ears, or touch God with our hands. And yet, we know that God is there, playing a real and important part in our lives.
We sometimes want God to do something dramatic. We think we would be encouraged by a miracle. But God consistently chooses to work with the subtlety and quietness of gravity. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day wanted him to do a dramatic miracle, like Moses had done. But Jesus chose to live an ordinary life in an ordinary town, surrounded by ordinary people. “This,” he told them, “is the kingdom of God.”
As we seek to do God’s work in the community around us, it is a task of quiet consistency. Just as gravity quietly and consistently keeps our feet on the ground, so our task as Christians is to quietly and consistently draw people to the welcoming and forgiving love of God.

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