Monday, 30 January 2017

Lessons from Pain - Sunday 29th January 2017

When our lives become difficult and painful, we tend to jump to the conclusion that things have gone wrong and departed from their God-intended script. Not necessarily.
The prophet Hosea had an undoubtedly difficult and painful life. His wife was a prostitute who was repeatedly unfaithful to him. In the course of their turbulent relationship she had three children who’s paternity was uncertain. Hosea even named the third child: Not-Mine. This was not a happy home, but, still, he loved his wife, Gomer.
In the midst of Hosea’s pain an anguish, he came to understand the heart and mind of God. He grasped that just as Gomer had been repeatedly unfaithful to him, so the nation of Israel was being repeatedly unfaithful to God. Just as his wife was 'sleeping' in too many men’s beds, so the nation of Israel was worshipping in too many sanctuaries. And Hosea realised that just as he continued to love his wife and children dearly, so God still deeply loved the Israelite people.
In and through all this, Hosea believed that God had called him to marry a prostitute, in order that he might have these struggles, in order that he might come to understand the heart of God.
So, when our lives become difficult and painful, before we jump to the conclusion that God has abandoned us, it would be wise to pause, and wonder whether God might be trying to show us something.

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  1. Another way of looking at it is.... pain is there for a reason! Pain is God's way of telling us that something is wrong either bodily or spiritually and whatever the problem is, it needs to be addressed. Look at the word "disease" It's actually "dis ease", somethings wrong and needs to be looked into and remedied. D